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Welcome to my WebBlog and I hope you find it interesting and helpful especially, if like me, you’re into running and running marathons in particular. I’m writing this website/blog for a number of reasons. 1, I’m setting myself a personal challenge for 2012-2013 and thought it would be a good idea to promote what I’m calling my 60in60at60 Challenge, yes that’s an attempt to run 60 marathons in 60 weeks at 60 years old (or young, depending on your point of view). As well as the running I have a long term goal of raising over £60k for My 6 Charities. 2nd, By coincidence London is holding the 2012 Summer Olympics (the XXX Olympiad) and I thought it would be a fantastic year to attempt a challenge like this – I’m delighted to say that I have been chosen as one of the torchbearers – read more Here. 3rd, for fellow runners who like me enjoy reading about runners and their running exploits, especially anything to do with marathons. Finally to log my efforts for posterity (maybe for my Grandsons Henry and Thomas and Granddaughter Elsie, when they are old enough to read) or anyone else for that matter who may be interested.

Although I’m always very cautious of calling myself a Marathon Runner after all how many marathons do you have to do before you can really use that term – 1, 50, or 100? having now completed 73 officially recognised marathons and hoping to complete 100 in the next few years, I think I can. I’m also fully aware that with a PB of 3.28.49 (London 2008) their are plenty of men and women of my age and even older much faster than me, still you know what they say it’s the taking part that counts and crossing that finish line – as Ron Hill, UK running legend (one of my running heroes) said “Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race”.

So here goes – If you’re interested you can read more about me on the About Me page, but just to kick of my WebBlog here’s a idea of who I am, where I’m from and what I love doing: My name is Barry Light, I live in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK and belong to the Littledown Harriers running club. After my family, (I have to add that to keep the wife happy, but it’s true!!!) my other passion in life is running and in particular (you guessed it) running marathons – I love the challenge, the commitment and the achievement of completing this iconic distance. Although I ran a few back in the 1980s and 1990s, I really think that my marathon journey started on the 28th April 2008 when I completed my first London marathon in a time of 3.28.49. That day changed my life forever and I soon decided that I wanted to set myself a goal of running at least 100 marathons in my lifetime, and become a member of the 100 Marathon club. I still have lots of marathons to do hence one of the reason why I have set myself my 60in60at60 Challenge, in 2012-13 before I get too old.

Flora London Marathon 2008 (just before the downpour) – still my PB 3.28.49. Read all about it Here

Marathon No.1 of my 60 and my Big 60 Birthday on 22.12.2011. photo © WaterAid – Anna Morgan Photography

I’ve now turned 60 and what a fantastic day my Birthday was (a big thanks to everyone involved) you can read more about it Here.

My 60th and final marathon in my challenge will take place at The Littledown Centre on Sunday the 17th February starting at 10.oo am. All are welcome to join in.

Thanks for dropping in and Happy Running, Barry Light

P.S if you would like to read my original Home page click Here.

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